U.S. Continental makes it possible for people to care for anything from shoes to couches. Because when you love something, you want to make that love last.


When a person likes your product enough that they want to take care of it, you’ve made a powerful connection. We make the process of cleaning, restoring and protecting a favorite pair of shoes easier. So, we make connecting with your customers easier.

As retail becomes more omni-channel, that connection through care products is proven to drive revenue by increasing units per transaction and enhancing margin.

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In the world of must-have handbags or luggage, there’s a new must-have: Care products.

Consumers are looking to insure their investments. So when you display care merchandise next to that to-die-for handbag, it enhances the product’s perceived value at the point of sale. It also helps the buyer keep the item looking amazing for the next generation of consumers who buy, sell, and trade products from their favorite brands. That second hand consumer will also be willing to pay a premium for care products to be able to maintain and restore that brand’s timeless product.

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Caring for furniture is now simple and eco-friendly. Whether a piece is fabric, wood or leather, our products can protect it. You no longer have to worry about spills, stains, pets or children possibly ruining your furniture. So you can relax and enjoy sharing your home with others.

Furniture care products aren’t just a big win for the design-conscious, do-it-yourself interior designer. It’s a huge opportunity to keep your brand top-of-mind with those consumers.

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Contract Manufacturing

Emerging and established brands are looking for manufacturers who can support them either from a toll perspective or turnkey. Whether it is package design, formulations, filling, assembly, fulfillment or distribution, we are that partner.

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