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From packaging to final distribution and training, we create products and an experience that deliver the absolute best care every step of the way.

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We’re committed to creating quality leather and fabric care products for the products people love.

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Our Eco-Friendly Promise

Our focus on innovation doesn’t stop at our products. As a growing awareness of industry impacts to our fragile planet, U.S. Continental prioritizes manufacturing and private label packaging processes that are as eco-friendly as possible, through the continued improvement of our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System (EMS). From our recycling efforts at our solar-powered factory to our use of sustainable materials and natural cleaners, we integrate green solutions into every aspect of our manufacturing and packaging operations.


Our Approach

U.S Continental’s approach to private label packaging and care is simple, yet effective. As you develop premium quality products, our top concern is crafting and standardizing the way your customers engage with and care for them. From initial research, to production, packaging, training, and distribution, we see a future where your product leaves a lasting impact.

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Private Label Packaging & Premium Care Solutions

What goes into creating the best labels? Is it raw materials that transform into iconic designs? Is it a precise visual code that speaks to your customers without saying a word?

Regardless of the name on your label, U.S. Continental understands the intrinsic value it holds for your customers. From branding, to packaging, final distribution, and training, we are an industry-leading resource for private label packaging and care products for companies who see their products as investments in quality, integrity, and iconic design.

U.S. Continental provides a unique and unmatched capability to produce and deliver on-demand products of high value at competitive costs. We take pride in our work, and we treat your product like it’s our own, guaranteeing a consumer experience that keeps your customers engaged and excited about your products.

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At U.S. Continental, we provide private label packaging and care solutions. We also provide a full suite of product services, including: design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and training. Every step of the way, we strive to achieve strong customer relationships, on-time delivery, robust manufacturing capabilities, a wide range of proven strategies for enhancing your brand’s value, and a focus on aftermarket care.

As casual, cheaply made products permeate our consumer culture, we believe the product care industry needs to evolve. In response to cyclical trends and disposable products, consumers are changing their perspectives, too. With a shift in priorities, brands and customers are forming a dialogue that places products front and center, where they are valued for quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

U.S. Continental is helping to shape this dialogue, providing branded care solutions that match our clients’ products. Our care kits keep products looking like new, increasing their value to consumers. We allow your customers to wear your band more often, keeping it at the front of the closet instead of sandwiched between brands that don’t make the grade.

Our private labels offer your company the opportunity to increase customer awareness of your products ― and our diverse selection of custom colors and designs allow us to meet your unique product and branding needs. As industry leaders, U.S. Continental is continually improving our products and services to satisfy increasingly value-savvy consumers.

A core value at Minnetonka is caring for our customer. Offering care products shows our customer that we care. As a 2nd generation industry Executive who works for a family owned brand, we partnered with David Williams and U.S. Continental, because like us, he too is a family owned business that understands the importance of caring for customers and their favorite products.

Since 1958, Hush Puppies has been leading the casual lifestyle revolution — helping people embrace everyday comfort. Our soft, breathable and comfortable footwear invites you to break the rules, kick back and enjoy a comfortable, casual way of living. US Continental helps Hush Puppies to deliver on our easy care promise by providing care solutions for our consumers.

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Find out how we’ve partnered with some of the most loved and recognizable brands in the world to help make sure they stay that way.

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