Product Development Services

At U.S. Continental, our product development services combine creativity from design experts, innovative manufacturing technology, and disciplined product management to serve as an invaluable business asset that brings your brand’s signature concepts to consumers worldwide. 

Product Development

Utilizing our eco-friendly and industry-leading processes, we can replicate existing products or launch new formulas based on your branding and marketing needs. Our knowledge of the product development lifecycle and experienced, in-house production team make every item we develop look the same as the one you eventually see on store shelves.

Our Development

Team Our team continually focuses on improving our product development services process: from ideation and design to market introduction. They have the ability to evaluate product quality while collaborating with our design and marketing teams to conduct consumer testing. 


As part of our product development services, we tailor our process pipelines to ensure that we meet your product needs within the specified timeframe. This includes: raw materials, purchase prioritization, targeted domestic and international sourcing, custom quality assurance, and measurements for product testing, packaging, and launch.

Contact Us

Today We understand that meeting strict product development requirements can be challenging. That’s why we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. With U.S. Continental, you have more than a private label manufacturer. You have a partner that’s as dedicated to your product’s success as you are. Contact us today to start developing your brand’s products.

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